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What is Carandus? are passionate about cars and particularly passionate about helping you maintain the value of your vehicle. is a global vehicle hub that allows owners to communicate simply by their registration. It allows them to manage their vehicle via Social Media. You can store service history, receive offers, sell your car, share, create groups and get access to a vast data on your car for Free.

We also know that while everyone tells you that it’s key to carefully prepare all the paperwork relating to money spent and maintenance done, and to carefully note down and plan for the annual test; that well sometimes life gets in the way. So we do these things for you too.

We are also there to help you when the times come to change your car. makes it easy for you to place a free ad in one of the leading on-line used car portals, critically we also make it easy for you to include your service history and a car history check in the ad. This way, potential buyers can be assured that your car has been well looked after and is worth a good price.

The idea was born out of a want to name our cars. So yes you can now give your car a name with no shame. The founders have a background in automotive and have a real passion for cars.

Why should I sign up?

Passionate about cars, is supported by a unique group of talented people and companies, as a result we are able to bring to bear our incredibly detailed view of  your car and the overall car market. When you join us by entering your registration number we create a unique page for your car. Later, as you start to update your service history, we use our knowledge of the industry to estimate when you will next need a service.

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