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When someone interacts with your profile in – either leaving a comment, rating a post, tagging you, start following you or sending you a message – team informs you about this either by email and in the ‘notifications’ area of your homepage.

By email:

  1. Click on the link in the email and you will be redirected to the post/ message.
  2. If not logged in, you can only read the post – if you were tagged in it. If you want to interact with the post or reply to a message, then you have to log in.

By page:

  1. Once logged in, look at the right top of the screen;
  2. Over Messages you will have a notification sign indicating the number of unread notifications;
  3. Click on Messages and on the left column click on Notifications and all your notifications will appear;
  4. Click on Click Here to view the post. You will be redirected to the post’s page.
  5. Or click on Mark as Read so the notification alert disappears.
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